About Sheet Metal Connect

Luke van Enkhuizen helps the Metalworking Industry with IT consulting since 2016.

About Luke at Sheet Metal Connect

πŸ‘‹ Hello! I’m Luke, an independent metalworking advisor and technical consultant dedicated to enhancing efficiency through digital transformation for sheet metal companies. Unlike many consultants, I maintain no affiliations with software vendors, nor do I receive commissions as a reseller. This independence ensures that the advice and solutions I offer are always in your best interest.

πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ’» With over ten years of experience in engineering, management, and IT roles, I bring a comprehensive perspective to both shopfloor and executive challenges. My journey through the industry has equipped me with in-depth knowledge of various machines, software, and systems integrations.

πŸ’» I specialize in optimizing operations with leading software solutions from TRUMPF, LVD, ECI, SAP, and more. My technical consulting includes leading over 10 successful go-lives with ECI Ridder iQ ERP, uniquely positioning me to guide your digital transformation projects toward swift and successful outcomes.

🌍 Based in Europe and serving clients globally, I offer both on-site and remote consulting services, making it possible to support your business wherever you are located. Whether you're in the same city or halfway around the world, I can help streamline your operations and implement effective digital solutions.

🦾 My mission is to empower your business by eliminating bottlenecks, automating processes, and implementing smart factory solutions tailored to high-mix/low-volume production environments. This focus helps sheet metal companies like yours boost revenue, reduce throughput times, and enhance productivity and collaboration.

πŸ“ˆ The services I offer range from strategic advisory to crafting digital factory blueprints and overseeing project execution. This ensures comprehensive support throughout every phase of your digital transformation journey.

🀝 Clients trust my independence and deep industry knowledge when making critical decisions, managing multiple vendors, or choosing the right technological solutions to meet their unique needs.

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