About Luke van Enkhuizen

Luke van Enkhuizen has been providing tailored IT consultancy for the sheet metal industry since 2016. With deep expertise, he helps companies achieve successful digital transformation. Discover how Sheet Metal Connect can optimise your business.

About Luke van Enkhuizen

Your Expert in Smart Factory Architecture

Welcome to my website! I'm Luke van Enkhuizen, an independent consultant specializing in the digital transformation of the metal fabrication industry. Since 2016, I've been helping companies implement advanced solutions that optimize and modernize their production processes.

Trusted by 30+ Companies in the Industry

Experience and Expertise

With a background in mechanical engineering and years of hands-on experience on the shop floor, I bring unique knowledge to offer practical, effective solutions that directly address industry challenges. I specialize in integrating systems like TRUMPF Oseon/Boost, QuotationFactory, and ECI Ridder iQ, which help streamline operations and increase efficiency.

"A digital factory starts with intake and ends with data that improves the product"

Independent and Goal-Oriented

As an independent Smart Factory Architect, I work without ties to specific software vendors. This means my advice is always focused on finding the best solution for your unique situation and needs.

"Effective digitalization: Not stagnation, but innovation!"

A Leader in Knowledge Sharing

Beyond my consultancy work, I host two industry-focused podcasts:

My educational videos on YouTube have garnered more than 20,000 views. I also regularly provide updates and insights via a newsletter to over 300 industry professionals.

" Industry 4.0 begins with education; only then do you know what you need."

Speaker and Influencer

I regularly speak at Industry 4.0 events, sharing my insights and experiences to inspire and inform others. My contributions to conferences and seminars are highly valued for their depth of content and practical applicability.

This is a video about my 2018 trip to Japan, where I learned about advanced manufacturing techniques.

"Digitalization begins with strategy, followed by organization, and only then automation."

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