Software & IT consulting
for sheet metalworking

Automate your sheet-metal fabrication business with simple solutions– so that everything runs as if by itself.

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Does this sounds familiar to you?

  • Managing your sheet metal business brings too much manual work and errors
  • The software you work with is outdated and makes it difficult to integrate other programs?
  • Is it challenging to produce small series cost-effectively and on time?

  • Do the digitization results often not meet your expectations?

That’s frustrating! Isn’t there an easier solution?

Easily automate your sheet metalworking business

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Software that is making you smile

Work with the tools you love to use. Manage sales, planning, and production without having to switch between countless programs and Excel.

Integrate your favorite programs

Reduce manual tasks and avoid errors by connecting ERP, CAM, and MES software. Make up for eventual shortcomings with your own apps and portal.

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Great support, anytime

Support from a sheet metal expert who understands your business – without waiting and without an hourly bill.

Sheet Metal Connect is on your side


Sheet metal fabricators want affordable solutions that simply work.
SMC helps small and large metal companies – like you – to become modern and smart factories.

Emilia Clarke
Singeling Constructie-Lastechniek
Laurens Singeling (CEO)
“He's first class! Luke has been a reliable partner to our digital factory for years and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. The introduction of QRM and digitization has doubled our delivery reliability. "
Emilia Clarke
SAG Alutech
Willem Hoek (Manager)
"Luke's knowledge of digitization helps us to make decisions for our smart factory. His experience with automation in sheet metalworking, as well as in IT, was decisive for our cooperation."

Sheet Metal Connect has 5+ years of experience, with 10+ clients from the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria, including:

Our offer

Individual solutions for every project:

Integrations Development

Do you want to integrate systems? We have experience developing apps and integrations for the most well-known systems in the market.

IT consulting

Are you still not sure which IT solution is the right one? We look at the alternatives and show you cheaper alternatives.

IT Project management

We guide your IT project, from the introduction of new software to the construction of new factories.

This is how it works - in three steps to the solution:

Initial interview

With a short, 15-minute phone call, we plan your solution.

Quick implementation

SMC implements. Our integrations can often be used within a few days.

Lean back

Success! Your business is finally less work - and more fun!

About Sheet Metal Connect

“As a sheet metalworking businesses, I know that you want simple, modern solutions that are not expensive. But the offer that most companies can choose from is quite limited.

Common used CAM software is outdated, most industry-specific ERP solutions are too limited, and writing your own software is too expensive!

That’s why we help sheet metal fabrication companies – like you – to automate easily by integrating software systems that actually work.

SMC brings you to your smart factory in just 3 steps:

  • First meeting – we discuss a plan
  • Implementation – results within weeks
  • Sit back – successfully automated!

Now take the first step and book your first appointment. Leave expensive, outdated IT behind and let us help you successfully implement technology.”

Luke van Enkhuizen
Owner of Sheet Metal Connect

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