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Most sheet metal companies have outdated workflows. Sheet Metal Connect specializes in achieving a digital factory, so you can increase your productivity

Faster deliveries

Less waste

Happier customers

The digital factory is a fact of now. Let me help you build a future as a successful sheet metal company.

Are you feeling frustrated because:

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Effective digitalization is the answer! 

Independent consultancy

You will never again worry about outdated workflows because I take charge. Your Webshop, ERP, CAM, and shop floor software will be connected, so data can flow from A to B to make processes more reliable. Save time, be more productive, and scale your business.

IT Strategy

IT Strategy

Project Guidance

Project Guidance



You can reach your digital factory!

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You explain to me your current situation, your goals and what problem you want me to solve! No string attached.

Create a plan:

Together we create a plan - specifically made for your company - to accomplish your goals!

Feel good time:

Enjoy your digital factory, your happy customers, your increased revenue and your free time!

// Work smarter

Avoid the pitfalls

Unlike many other consultants in the industry, I understand your frustrations. I have worked in the industry and held all positions, from the shop floor to IT.

The challenges you face daily have been my focus for over 10 years. With my expertise as an engineer, business consultant, and software developer, I focus on achieving measurable business results for my clients.

My goal is to help you deliver faster, become more competitive, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Emilia Clarke
Singeling Constructie-Lastechniek
Laurens Singeling (CEO)
“He's first class! Luke has been a reliable partner to our digital factory for years and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. The introduction of QRM and digitization has doubled our delivery reliability. "
Emilia Clarke
SAG Alutech
Willem Hoek (Manager)
"Luke's knowledge of digitization helps us to make decisions for our smart factory. His experience with automation in sheet metalworking, as well as in IT, was decisive for our cooperation."
// About Sheet Metal Connect

Hello! I'm Luke van Enkhuizen

As a sheet metal company, you are increasingly faced with competition from emerging players. This makes you feel inadequate and worried about the future.

Becoming more competitive and remaining profitable is possible! But to get there, you need to improve the workflow in your office and factory.

I believe the solution to your problem lies in digitization.

I understand the difficulties associated with projects of this magnitude, as I have been helping companies overcome these obstacles for over five years.

Digitalization can be overwhelming and confusing if not handled properly. But it doesn’t have to be. By partnering with an IT specialist, you’ll avoid common pitfalls and frustrations and achieve a digital factory.

I want you to modernize the way you work because I know from my own experience how valuable it is! With my own SMC integration program, I have successfully completed all projects of my former clients!

Contact me for a free initial consultation to get an idea of where you stand and what it takes to make the transition to a digital factory.


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