Every day, software plays an increasingly important role in helping fabricators determine which machine to choose. In fact, machines will eventually become so similar that what matters most is the integration process.


Every manufacturer understands that a machine can technically run 24/7.

However, in practice, the efficiency of your machine heavily relies on programming speed, interactions, and operational management, which are all determined by the software.

The real question to ask in a selection will be:

  • Can you easily prepare and load up programs?
  • Can you access your data, for example, real worked hours?
  • Can you manage all your operations using open software, or are you experiencing vendor lock-in?
  • And finally, how is the software support for this software that comes with the machines?

When selecting a machine, like a laser cutting machine, it is crucial to carefully consider the extent to which additional kilowatts of power will enhance productivity.

Tomorrow, I will continue on machine criteria in the 21st century.

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