Navigating Data Standards in Sheet Metal Digitalisation

In your journey towards digitalisation, the key to success lies in effectively harnessing your data. It’s not just about possessing data; it’s about leveraging it seamlessly to your advantage.

In many shops, it’s common to find machines and software from multiple vendors. While ideal compatibility is the goal, what happens when this isn’t the case? Are you grappling with specialized software for each brand, or limiting yourself to a single brand? Might there be a better solution?

This is where understanding data standards, such as OPC-UA (Open Platform Communications United Architecture), becomes crucial. Think of OPC-UA as a universal language for machines, enabling seamless communication and data sharing across different brands.

Discover OPC-UA in a Minute – This brief video will offer you a clearer picture of how OPC-UA can revolutionize your shop. I highly recommend taking a moment to dive in and learn more about it.

But it’s not just about OPC-UA. Other standards like MQTT and the unified namespace approach also play significant roles, each serving different needs depending on your situation. I’ll share more insights on these in the future.

What’s important is finding the right fit for your operations. How can these standards streamline your workflow and boost efficiency? That’s the key question.

And the next time you’re at a trade show and spot that “Industry 4.0-ready” sticker on a machine, ask your vendor about OPC-UA access or similar options. See how they respond. If they don’t offer it, it might just be a marketing promise.



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