Picture asking three employees at your metal fabrication company for a quote. Every employee has a unique method and quotes a different price, despite the same requirements.

How can that be?

Imagine if one of your employees is quoting cheaper than the other two. Wouldn’t you then only send your RFQs to that one employee? But what if the price is too cheap?

How would you know?

The reason this goes wrong is the lack of a single, automated way of doing things. What’s missing is a system, a robust digital process based on algorithms, formulas.

And ideally, you want one that requires the least amount of manual input (looking at you, Excel!). Because otherwise, the human factor will always remain.

But if you do it right, you only need to review the results of the work. And this will reduce your workload by at least 90% with one small software investment.

The single best investment for most metal fabricators is automating their quoting process. It saves money. It accelerates your process. Not only that, but it prevents mistakes. And best of all: you set it, and it will keep working for you 24/7.

If automated software improves reliability, speed, and employee morale, it’s worth investing in. And even better if it scales your business without having to hire more staff.

Nowadays, these solutions are more affordable than ever before. So what’s stopping you?



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