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Industry 4.0 for Metalworking

Sheet Metal Connect helps your sheet metal business to achieve higher efficiency
by effective digitalization

Shorter delivery times

Provide faster service

Higher product quality

Eliminate production mistakes

Better reliability

Plan better and deliver on time.

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Do you recognize the following?

Your smart factory needs modern software to keep up with the competition. Not having an integrated solution might costs you a great deal of frustration.

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Automate your processes for higher output

Digital Factory Roadmap
A clear plan for now and the future ahead.
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A smart web portal
24/7 online sales and customer service.
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Connected factory
Use your data smarter and more effectively.
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Quick Response Manufacturing
Deliver faster with more teamwork.
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Sheet Metal Connect helps you be ready for the future

A clear plan is all you need to get started.  In this video, founder Luke van Enkhuizen, shows you how Sheet Metal Connect helps create market leaders. 

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On your free phone consultation we will get to know you and your business & see if we can help.

Project proposal

Once we see a fit, we will explain you exactly how we can help you and what the best next actions are.


Once we decide to work together, we will implement the best solutions to get more output ASAP.

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About Sheet Metal Connect

We help sheet metal fabricators and metalworking businesses to increase their outputs – without more hours of work needed.

With optimally integrated processes, you can reduce your throughput times up to 80% and at the same time boost your product quality.

You will be finally able to let the systems work for you and not having to worry about if mistakes are being made.

Faster growth with fewer headaches, is just the beginning!

Instead of worrying about the surrounding technology, you can finally focus on adding more value to your customers. For example, through your webshop or by making strategic partnerships.

“The drive behind our consulting is to enable amazing businesses to excel in their unique capabilities – and to be highly profitable doing it.”

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