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Shorten your lead times, increase your ouput

Get clarity and a well thought through plan for your digital transformation journey,
before you bring in the vendors.

Take full control

Have clarity and confidence

Better project quality

Industry 4.0 proof software

Increase your efficiency

Finish projects faster


Do you struggle with:

  • Projects that are getting too expensive?
  • Confused staff about how things will work?
  • Shareholders that demand results yesterday?
  • An unclear about with which software to work?

A smart factory needs a clear plan before you start. Not having this in place might lead to too long project lead times, loss of confidence and failed projects.

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Design your smart factory before you build it

Define your competitive advantage

We can easily get distracted with new tools and gimmicks and miss the big picture when it comes to your digital transformation strategy.

Select the right software

Your software should amplify your unique capabilities and must be based on modern technology to keep it scalable. 

Present a clear plan

Share your future plans with your team, your shareholders and the vendors that you will work with to build it. 

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We get it - we understand that digitalization is not easy

It’s hard enough to create a clear strategy when it comes down to your own business, but when you mix in all the decisions that need to be made in digitizing your processes, it can be overwhelming. Starting with a digital factory plan allows you to focus on your goals and competitive advantage first, and then you can efficiently build your smart factory step by step.

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Here's How To Do It

Get to know call

Schedule A Call and we can discuss your business goals your goals and needs are to determine next steps.

Get a plan

We can design a plan to fit your needs and define your competitive advantage, define your ideal software and present it to your team.

Grow your business

With your digital factory plan in hand, you can then bring it to your vendors and hand them off clear requirements and know it's going to be developed according to industry 4.0 principles, or we at Sheet Metal Connect can help you build it.

// our service


Analysis of your business processes and how they are performing. Advice which components need to be fixed first.
Advisory report
Everything from Quickscan, PLUS: an actionable plan on how to build your ideal smart factory with research for software.
Seminar / Custom
You can tell us what you need and we'll organize an in house seminar where we work on your Industry 4.0 strategy.

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