Without a strategy, an IT project is often a dying fire

Without a strategy, process automation cannot be successful.

The approach without a strategy:

  • A new technology is acquired, such as CAM, MES or a tool.
  • A proof of concept (PoC) is implemented immediately
  • No success criteria have been defined for the PoC
  • Only after the PoC do you think about what you might do next
  • Initiative stalls

Do you work with a strategy:

  • Purpose: How should the strategy be designed to achieve the company’s goals?
  • Problems: What specific problems does the project hope to solve? For whom is this important?
  • Yield: What opportunities does this project offer besides solving problems?
  • Team: How can we get the right team involved from the beginning?
  • Requirements: What are the technical requirements needed to make this project a long-term success?
  • Action: Get started effectively and save time and money.

The point is:

Without a strategy, the flame that is initially ignited gradually decreases until it is finally extinguished. A clear strategy is always the foundation.

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