Why process problems remain unresolved

If you know where disruptions occur, especially those psychological ones, then as a company you want to talk about them.

It just happens often enough: resistance arises. People disagree.

When two professionals, colleagues or even consultants and employees disagree on an issue, it is usually for one of three reasons.

  • Another experience about past situations(trust me, doing it this way always used to work)
  • Another understanding of context(If you knew everything I know, you would agree with me)
  • Another perspective on the timeline(Your way is faster, but mine gives better results)

In all three cases, communication is the key to the best outcome, but one of the parties must notice the misunderstanding and unravel the reasoning behind it.

When you see a disagreement between two people, train yourself to understand both parts before judging who is right and who is wrong.

That is the first step to solving process problems: having a good conversation with each other. Write down the conclusions of the conversations. Get started on that.

It’s not easy, but the most important thing you have to do as a business owner continuously to keep the team motivated.

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