What I can do for you

As a follow-up to the previous email asking “What can we do for you?”, I thought I would also briefly explain what kind of work I am best at.

Here is my description:

Most sheet metal fabrication companies have outdated workflows. I specialize in connecting your factory processes to create a highly automated digital factory so you can increase your productivity.

I focus exclusively on companies whose core business is sheet metal (including tube welding), either machining as part of their products or as a subcontractor. This allows me to understand all the ins and outs of your business from day one.

Unlike other providers, I approach challenges from an architect’s perspective by building a solid digital and process foundation, followed by effective implementation and staff training.

My ideal clients want to excel at the cutting edge of what can be achieved with the latest technologies, such as machine learning, AI and cloud technologies. To enable them to compete with the shortest lead times, best quality products and highest customer satisfaction.

We are a perfect match if you already work with or want to work with software from ECI (Knight iQ) and/or TRUMPF, as I have 8 years of experience with that at the technical consulting level. But that’s not a must.

If you are looking for a partner who can make your sheet metal business more profitable through effective digitization, reducing turnaround time by 80% and achieving double office productivity, contact me.

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