We don’t need X, because we can already do that with Y

Here is the worst kind of argument about any new technology:

“You don’t need [nieuwe oplossing], you can do that already with [oude manier].”


  • You don’t need email, we have mail!
  • You don’t need Instagram, we have photo albums!
  • You don’t need Google Maps, we have paper maps!


  • You don’t need ERP, we have a customer directory!
  • You don’t need MES / shopfloor control, we have a foreman!
  • You don’t need Cloud, we have a good ICT person!

You get the idea, I think.

Technology sometimes makes the “impossible” possible. That is usually the expectation.

But much more often, it makes something that is “slow/unstable/expensive” less slow/unstable/expensive. Or just better, faster and makes customers happier.

(Inspired by an article on NFTs, from Milk Road, my favorite crypto newsletter)

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