Too busy to improve

It is now summer. Over 38+ degrees in the Netherlands. ☀️ 🕶

Hopefully somewhere nice and cool with air conditioning, or of course with a BBQ or beach view.

On a day like this, I’m not going to bother you with tips and theories.

In fact, I want to let you know that I am also going on vacation until August 1.

I pause the daily emails for a while, but the podcasts continue.

For many of us, the past six months have been hectic. There may not always have been time for improvement. Or perhaps too much uncertainty.

But what we must not forget:

Before you know it, it will be September again and we will be back in the starting blocks for the second half of the year. Will you make strides then? About that, I want to tip you to this nice LinkedIn article.

Hint: It’s about these green males (pictured below).

(Image is by Rens van den Bergh)

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