This is going to change everything

The technology in this video is going to change everything, and this video will certainly go down in history, just as Steve Jobs initiated the mobile revolution with the iPhone.

I rarely come across innovations that directly reach the manufacturing industry or have short-term impact, but this time is different.

This is going to change everything from factory design to how we program machines and run production.

It’s about NVIDIA’s breakthrough announcements regarding their technology. The focus is now on the manufacturing industry, much more than video or useful GPT tools.

All the developments we know so far regarding self-driving vehicles and product design will be affected.

Everything will go 10X faster soon.

Check out what NVIDIA itself says about this:

Any factory in the future will, of course, be digital first. Each factory will be a robot and within the factories there will be other robots orchestrating the factory. We will also build robots that can move themselves. […] Everything that moves in the future will have artificial intelligence and robotic capabilities. We have the whole robot-

stack built, from the chip to the algorithms, from top to bottom

If you have a chance this weekend, watch the entire video and ask yourself:

“What would happen if an AI system could understand manufacturing knowledge and product design information?”

That’s what’s going to happen.

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