The road to a successful Industry 4.0

How do you realize a smart factory?

It starts with a well-organized flow, logical processes, trained staff and, of course, a high degree of digitization in everything you do.

After that, it actually requires 8 steps, which are completed in an improvement cycle. In other words, it is a loop in which the company gets smarter and smarter.

The 8 steps:

  1. Connect – connect the shop floor to all databases.
  2. Collect – put all data in a logical location and group.
  3. Save – make sure all data is easily accessible (SQL databases, data lakes, etc.)
  4. Analyze – make the data usable for analysis, is everything correct?
  5. Visualize – make the data transparent to the organization.
  6. Finding patterns – what exactly is happening and what can we do with it?
  7. Predicting – what will happen if we continue like this? What happens if we change something?
  8. Solve – what exactly do we need to do to improve?

This leads to:

  • Productivity Improvement
  • Better capacity utilization
  • Revenue increase
  • Profit Improvement

The challenge

However, most companies struggle with the first step: Connect.

This is because all systems use different terms and logic. And many software systems present in the plant are often too outdated to integrate properly.

Tomorrow I will give some explanation and examples of how to effectively connect the workplace and collect data.

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