The man and the dog

A humorous and cautionary prediction states that the automated factory of the future will have only two workers: a human and a dog.

What is the man doing?

“Feeding the dog.”

What does the dog do?

“Making sure that neither the man nor anyone else gets their fingers on the equipment.”

(The source of this statement is still disputed, by the way.)

In other words, in the ideal smart factory, everything is automated so people can’t mess it up.

What I think about it? Well, I think the human is better left out, so that it gets the dog to do nicer things 😊


On a serious note, I don’t think this is not an unthinkable scenario.

Once we can see metal companies as pure service providers, I think things can move quickly. But only for those companies that have chosen this digitization strategy of self-service and automation.

We still need to take the necessary steps to do that, of course. That starts with charting a smart course for your digital transformation.

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