The digital factory is a service

When asked what kind of business metal companies have, most entrepreneurs answer with a description of the metal they sell. Sometimes they mention the techniques they use. But rarely do they describe the product.

The difference is that the material or operation the customer is buying is often a common good. This is a piece of machined metal or the use of a machine. The product is what the customer feels when placing orders or receiving the product.

This is about what this one experiences in your company, not the actual metal.

The customer does not care how many machine hours you run, how many machines you have or how big the team is. They only care about the experience.

Understanding the difference between materials or operations versus the product is what makes a great company.

A digital factory creates an experience for the customer. That’s what the customer buys, not just the metal. Product quality is part of the experience. That everything runs smoothly is also part of the experience.

A digital factory is more than just linking software for efficiency. We look at the customer’s experience. This is why web portals and supply chain integration are so important: They make it easier, more enjoyable and faster for your customers to do business.

A good experience keeps the customer coming back to your service. Ideally with more fun, challenging and better earning orders.

Ultimately, people buy feelings.

How do you want your customers to feel when they do business with you?

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