The 7 best sheet metal shop software systems

Since I published the article“The ultimate guide to sheet metal quoting software,” many software makers have not been idle. Meanwhile, especially in the area of quote portals, there are quite a few cool new developments.

So, here’s a top 7 list!

The 7 best sheet metal portal software:

(In no particular order, be sure to check out the videos!)

  1. QuotationFactory – video
  2. Oroox OX Quote – video
  3. WiCAM / Offer2Order – video
  4. PaperlessParts – video
  5. Radan WebQuote – video
  6. SmartPart – info
  7. Own development – contact

Which one is best for the price?

It depends on exactly what it needs to do for which business case. It will have to be primarily about what kind of products customers order and to what extent integration matters.

To get what you are looking for, you must first analyze where you want to go. Then, the other systems such as ERP, CAM and production management will also have to connect to it to achieve maximum efficiency.

The biggest challenge will be that most parties can only help you with their own software, and don’t have the resources to come up with a complete whole.

You also have to consider the machine brands you have, especially whether accurate data is available. To solve this, you may need all sorts of extra moving parts (links) that can slow things down.

In short, plenty of additional questions beyond price and features.

Would you like help with that?

Think a portal could be valuable, but not sure how to go about it?

For these types of projects, I can offer a consulting process with a fixed price and lead time. Schedule a free introductory meeting to discover, without obligation, if I can help you with this.

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