The 10 best ERP systems for metalworking on the Dutch-speaking market

On my blog , I recently posted an article with the best ERP systems for metalworking and sheet metal fabrication. It took an international view to provide a broader vision.

A number of attentive readers asked about the situation in the Netherlands and Belgium. Well, this market is very diverse and a top 10 list is really not enough.

But to make a selection based on market size and personal experience, I would say:

  1. ECI Knight iQ
  2. MKG3 / MKG5
  3. ECI Plan de CAMpagne
  4. Microsoft Dynamics 365
  5. SAP Business One
  6. Isah Business software
  7. Infor M3 / Infor LN
  8. Komdex
  9. Syntri
  10. Exact

Which ERP suits you best?

That depends entirely on your factory. No system is perfect.

Never be fooled into thinking that one system is simply the best.

What you need is a total solution in which the ERP works with the more diverse other systems and machines in your company.

You might also consider custom software or putting together a low-code solution.

In this article, I explain the comprehensive criteria you should consider when making a choice.

Warm regards,

Luke from Enkhuizen

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