Sustainability starts at the source (podcast episode)

I was a guest on the podcast, Greenvolution ! This podcast is about smart industry, sustainability and circular economy. It’s a great opportunity to talk about the future of the industry.

The podcast is hosted by Angelo Hulshout and his wife Arianna Pernigoni Hulshout. Angelo was previously featured on Metal Connect. As a software architect, he deals daily with smart industry, sustainability and the circular economy.

The episode I attended was about how metal companies waste through inefficient practices and what you can do about it; by starting at the source: the work intake.

In this episode of Greenvolution our guest is Luke van Enkhuizen. Luke is a digitization consultant with a background in sheet metal works. His provides his services in the sheet metal market, where he helps companies integrate their machines with MES, ERP and other relevant IT systems. In the talk we had with him, he explains in more detail what that means, and of course, we also touch upon the subject of sustainability. According to Luke, sustainability is about preventing waste of materials, energy and resources. This needs to be dealt with at the source, in planning and engineering instead of on the shop floor, he explains.

Here is the link to the episode (in English):

And here’s a link to the Metal Connect episode:

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