This is how you make the competition irrelevant

In an earlier episode of the Metal Connect podcast, I discussed a blue ocean strategy with Wim Dijkgraaf. An attentive listener asked me what this means for metal companies, specifically what they can do.

If you are in a competitive market, you are probably in a “red ocean”: everyone is competing with each other with the same offer. Everyone feeds on themselves. Blood everywhere. That’s why it’s red.

Just look at 9 out of 10 websites of metal companies: they show you their machines.

They also list the techniques they can do, such as laser cutting, bending, welding and turning/milling. And if there is news or marketing from a metal company, it is about a new machine, “so they are ready for growth.”

The problem that it says nothing about the company’s unique proposition.

You don’t want to stay in this ocean, but you want to play in a space where there is currently no competition. A blue ocean.

The way you do that is to swim away from the red and create your own space.

My tip: start thinking about what customer problems you can solve.

  • Are you set up for emergencies? Maybe even ready while you wait?
  • Do you have the greatest materials knowledge? What can you do with that?
  • Can you weld the best of everyone? If so, why?
  • Does the team provide personal engineering advice?
  • Are you the best partner for high-tech customers and certification?

Choose 1 focus, select 5 ideal clients and let the world know. That’s what you want to bring out. And there you will find a blue ocean.

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