[Metaal Connect #5] Smart Model Based Systems Engineering with Erwin van Zomeren

This week at Metal Connect, I had an inspiring conversation with Erwin van Zomeren (VIRO) about Smart Model-Based Systems Engineering (SMBSE) in machine building and engineering.

Mechanical engineering is all about manageable, customer-oriented, flexible, faster, cheaper. But how? How do you take appropriate steps toward the future while order flow continues unimpeded? We’re going to find out more about that in this episode.


Quotable Quotes

“The moment you only give advice and it can’t be followed up because people don’t have time for it, I started thinking and decided to go one step further by helping my clients transition […], so I can do the work for them under their direction, so they can get on a running train.”-EvZ

“Smart Industry is a catch-all term. But when you start thinking about it you come to the question: what conditions do I actually have to meet? That’s what keeps me busy.” -EvZ

“How do I design a product so that I can deliver it with insanely short lead times and high quality at a competitive price?” -EvZ

“When people shout “Yes, need to standardize. Because then it all goes very faster and faster!” Then I think Oh no, […] Don’t do it, Don’t standardize! What you should do one kind and allow variations, so that you make more and more series large of 1. But based on previously invented knowledge.” -EvZ

“Many companies think there is nothing new about Industry 4.0, but rather it is an amalgamation of all kinds of technologies into new solutions.” -LvE

“I’m against very big megalomaniac programs or projects that say ‘well you’ll see us back in a few years’ […] the world is constantly changing. It’s very important to take small steps. And in the realm of that small step to be happy with the minimal viable product (MVP).” -EvZ

“Resistance is not to oppose, but to want to do things right.” -EvZ

“If you challenge and explain especially also that there is a place in the organization of the future for him. Then that one is going to do two things. He’s going to be part of the transition. […] But while he’s doing that, he’s also going to share with you all the experience and all the pitfalls.” -EvZ

“You have to realize that there is going to be a different world. Of connected products, maybe more with more As-A-Service service, Maybe soon there will be companies that don’t want to own machines at all. But instead want to have the service just using machines. And because of that you have to start looking at your own product portfolio in a very different way.” -EvZ



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