RE: Local vs Global optimization

We have a reader question!

“What if products are waiting at a workstation because there is no capacity? Then local optimization is necessary, right?”

Yes and no. Let me explain:

Under optimization, we talk about reducing setup times, shorter production times, etc. But often the problem is that there is not enough information, material or even an operator available.

OR, no matter what, too many orders go through one workstation at once: a bottleneck. That’s a bit like being in a traffic jam, if we all drive at the same time, it slows down.

As a result, products are waiting at this workstation. The reason products are waiting here is often caused by disruptions (see this mailing).

Ask yourself the following three questions to quickly determine if you need to do something about the workplace:

1) Is the quality right (and are employees trained)?

2) Does the workplace always have the right materials?

3) Can work continue, or is there much interruption?

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