[Metaal Connect #1] Future-proof factories with Wim Dijkgraaf

This week at Metal Connect I had a conversation with Wim Dijkgraaf (QuotationFactory) to talk about a future-proof factory.

We discussed topics such as a “Blue Ocean Strategy,” Big Data, supply chain integrations/decentralization and Industry 5.0. Plus 3 practical tips for entrepreneurs to form a better strategy.

All interesting topics!



What you can do against do emerging competition from price-fighters.

Why eProcurement 4.0, logistics 4.0 and supply chain 4.0 are all critical to your digital strategy.

Why the real challenge of a factory is no longer inside its walls

How companies must move from the cockpit to control tower of their business within 5 years.

What is industry 3.0, 4.0 or even 5.0?

Interesting Quotes

“You can think you’re swimming in a red ocean, where everyone is doing the same thing as you. Prizefighters everywhere. The trick is that you swim in a blue ocean where you do what others can’t.” -WD

“Industry 4.0 is a cyber-physical system: we are developing systems in which people can increasingly watch and the system can make increasingly autonomous decisions.” -WD

“If your current world is the world of metal, the hard stuff and machinery. Then for some entrepreneurs it’s often a distant show to understand where it’s all going.” -WD

“You can try to understand Industrie 4.0 with all kinds of topics IoT, machine learning…[…] the whole gamut, however, the question is whether the whole gamut is the most interesting, or can you estimate what the future looks like when we have all achieved this development.” -WD

“The machine builder benefits from being able to move quickly. That if there is a failure, you have to react quickly. Thanks to all the digitalization, you can be very dynamic with this by switching suppliers.” -WD

“Step 1. The outside world is going to change at lightning speed. I think it will be very important for entrepreneurs to know how the world is changing and how to adapt their business accordingly.

Step 2: In addition, be sure to solve low-hanging fruit, such as using Co-Bots, software and AGVs.

Step 3: You need to know where the digital landscape is going.” -WD

“The old thinking is the central ERP system you tie everything to that, […], but the future is autonomous systems. You have to think about big data and events. […] You want to capture all this data over time. You can then run analytics on that.” -WD

“ERP just has its place. ERP can run on your own data center, or in the cloud. It does pretty much the same […], but you have to make sure everything that’s happening goes to the cloud. IoT is much more than machines, it also includes the software, all the events that happen, and you have to send that to the cloud.” -WD

“Instead of adjusting your business model based on your gut feeling, you’re going to do it based on the data in your network. […] You will soon be able to read the information and adjust plans directly on that. You can look in digital world for the ingredients to adjust your business model on that.” -WD

“Don’t try to win the game, but try to play the game smartly. What’s going to make it very difficult in the coming time is that it’s not so much about those machines and the processes in your factory anymore. Digitalization is going to make sure that soon you are going to keep playing or not or easily. That’s suddenly a very different business than what metalworking companies have competencies in.” -WD

“(Industry) 3.0 is automation, 4.0 is autonomous operating systems (Cyber physical systems) in which humans have a different place, and 5.0 becomes for humans: quality of life.” -WD

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