[Metaal Connect #2] Continuous improvement, QRM & smart customization with Jannick Breunis

This week at Metal Connect I had a conversation with Jannick Breunis(Blozo) to talk about continuous improvement, QRM and smart customization.

If you want to learn more about customer-specific teams, how to tie Raspberry PIs to your ERP and how to better manage projects, don’t miss this episode.



  • A better definition of continuous improvement & smart customization
  • Why QRM is important for your customer and profitability
  • The benefits of working in teams (QRM cells)
  • How to avoid sales frustrations
  • What is the role of a process engineer/process improver
  • Why most improvement projects are set up wrong
  • Helping operators with better signals through raspberry PIs
  • Advice for digital transformation and Industry 4.0

Interesting Quotes

“Smart customization to me is thinking specifically about your business, how to tune software specifically for your business.” – JB

“If you order something on bol.com, you want it home the next day. That’s a little more difficult with a manufacturing company. Still, that market is also changing, and customers like it when you can deliver with a short lead time.” -JB

“We not only divided work preparation into teams, but even pulled them into production.” -JB

“You and I a can sit down for an evening to figure out an API, but if you really want to change a culture properly you’re going to take years.” -JB

“A big benefit of QRM is that people get a lot more understanding of each other.” -JB

“Of course, you can shout: we need to make better drawings! But sometimes you have to grow together first in what way you want to deliver products and how you deal with things.” -JB

“People find change difficult, and sometimes they’re right about that. […] I think companies have been taught that it’s not improvements, that it’s all hard. […] We have to get rid of that culture of big improvement projects for just an end solution, because that end solution doesn’t exist, you have to be engaged in the improvement.” -JB

“Industry 4.0 is not something you buy and implement and run for a while. It’s something you have to work towards gradually.” -JB

“Elon Musk said, ‘If you’re not making mistakes, you’re doing it wrong. Then you’re not innovating enough.” -JB

“For example, if you spend three quarters of a year working on an XML implementation, and then three months later the vendor comes up with something completely different. Then you think, yeah, three-quarters of a year wasted, but you also learned a lot. So don’t be afraid to waste time…. […] Choose something to do, immerse yourself in it and don’t worry too much about the final solution, but just get busy improving it.” -JB

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