One ERP package for everything is outdated

Custom ERP systems and first-generation standard packages have helped a lot, but are past their prime.

The new generation of ERP systems should be packages consisting of merged functionalities from the cloud, with the user at the center, to respond flexibly to changes in the market.

In this way, ERP becomes a“system of experience” rather than a“system of record.

First-generation ERP

  • System of record: designed to store data, not to interact dynamically
  • Local: accessible only in network or via VPN
  • Difficult to link: due to illogical SQL databases, no APIs, etc.
  • Desktop only: not designed for tablets / smartphone

Modern ERP:

  • System of experience: data comes to you
  • Social: dynamically integrates with the chain
  • Mobile: on any device (mobile-first by design)
  • Analytics: Business intelligence and AI are standard by design.
  • Cloud: various solutions from the cloud, narrower core in-house

The point is

To meet these demands, one ERP package for everything is obsolete. That has been replaced by a hybrid ERP approach with various solutions from the cloud, with a narrower core of in-house tasks.

Software makers should not worry about doing everything themselves, but open themselves up as a platform so that specialized applications can excel.

Are you looking for an ERP system or considering switching? Remember, modern ERP is inevitable.

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