Metal Innovations #2

Good afternoon. It’s Friday, so let’s take a look at 3 weekly innovations from the metalworking industry. With last week’s TechniShow and all the announcements for the EuroBlech and other events, there is plenty to discover.

#1 Fanuc NC Reflection Studio.

FANUC America, a leading supplier of CNCs, robotics and ROBOMACHINES, introduces their new NC Reflection Studio.

The software is not yet available, but announced. What strikes me is that here they talk about a Digital Twin, which includes not only CNC machines, but also robots, for example.

The Most CAM packages spit out CNC code for a machine and stop there, but this company seems to be going for a more holistic setup. I am definitely going to follow this one.

Link here

#2 TRUMPF Oseon

Some may have known about it since March, but in recent months the rollout of the new packages has really started to take off.

I recently had the opportunity to discuss the new offering with a few clients and am excited about the direction they are taking. They will also promote it extensively at the EuroBlech.

Just to summarize.

  1. TruTops Fab (the full suite of QuickJob, Customer, Storage, etc.) is a combination of an MES system and part ERP. If you have all the modules and do mainly subcontracting, sometimes you can do this without needing ERP. Sort of the Apple effect, where you then have everything from one brand. In addition, several additional CAM (Boost), CAD, mobile apps and analysis tools are also available.
  2. More and more I hear that Oseon is a completely new system, and then the question of whether I can handle it. But underwater, Oseon is still Fab. This was also confirmed to me during a TRUMPF webinar. There are nice innovations among them: user-tailored interface, more integration of different apps and a pricing model better suited to smaller businesses.
  3. For your information, I offer standard integrations for QuotationFactory that allow jobs to be put into production directly from your portal. Also, a manufacturability check via TruTops Boost. Feel free to ask for more information.

Learn more about Oseon

#3 SCSN Question and Answer

What struck me when I recently released a podcast with Dave Rullens was that I was talking to some listeners at the time and they still had questions about SCSN. Understandable, sometimes you just want to read. I came across this page on LinkedIn and think it’s a good one to check out if you want some short answers about what it does and especially doesn’t mean.


See you next week, where you’ll discover more about quality software, workplace control and more!

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