[Metaal Connect #4] New Craftsmanship, Smart People and Innovation Principles with Henk-Jan Scholman

This week at Metaal Connect, I had a conversation with Henk-Jan Scholman(Ideci) to talk about the future of craftsmanship and skilled workers in the age of digitalization: smart people for smart industry.

If you want to know how to better manage engineering and innovation teams, some fun historical lessons about industrial revolutions and how to unleash hidden talents of your own employees, you definitely don’t want to miss this episode.



  • A brief history of almost all machines/revolutions
  • The definition of smart people for smart industry
  • The new digital craftsmanship is digital
  • Unleash the hidden talents of own employees
  • The role of the information consumer and information provider
  • Key positions every company must fill to digitize
  • How to find the champion in your business


A brief history of almost all the machines

Can you dig-it -alize

Your Company’s next Top Model

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