[Metaal Connect #9] Craftsmanship or Green Button? – With Jan Willem Mollema

This week I spoke with Jan Willem Mollema (Freelance Manufacturing Specialist) to discuss his column“Craftsmanship or Green Button” and his experiences as a specialist in the machining industry.

We also discussed topics such as motivating teams, tool management systems, CAD software, when and when not to buy software, and his overall view of the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. All of these topics are very relevant and I hope it gives you food for thought.



  • Jan Willem’s career
  • The dilemma: craftsmanship or the green button
  • Making processes sound and reliable
  • Modularization and standardization: the solution?
  • Local optimization → general inefficiencies?
  • Offline programming and simulation,
  • Better support change with “Goodwill”
  • The new role of operators
  • Challenges in software implementations
  • Buying software: the old and new way
  • The Baby-Benz problem: solve it mechanically first!
  • Tool management: grouping and modularization
  • How do you stay competitive? Focus on the method!
  • Freedom and speed to communicate are a must
  • CAD systems and the latest developments in the market


MetalNews Column:


The goal Eliyahu M. Goldratt:


Quick Response Manufacturing: It´s About Time (LeanTeam)


Book:Toyota Way






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