[Metaal Connect #8] Chain integration, digital working and smart factories with Dave Rullens

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Rullens (Webbing Solutions), to ask him some questions about supply chain integration, SCSN and global initiatives for better collaboration in digital format.

The talk went a little deeper into the latest techniques. But, the central question is: where do you put your company’s digital front door? Many people do not know that supply chain integration is not just limited to the ERP world. How do you want to work with your customers and what use cases are strongest to start with? Listen to this episode.



  • The evolution from paper, to email, to EDI and the SCSN / ChainLink
  • The phone analogy: GLN codes: the big phone directory of the manufacturing industry.
  • Other initiatives in the European market of interest
  • The holy grail of the digital chain
  • Where do you put your company’s digital front door?
  • The added value of supply chain integration in engineering and sales
  • Up to 7 levels deep in the chain, see the supplier’s supplier insight
  • The WhatsApp analogy: 1 check mark, 2 check marks, 2 blue check marks
  • Example use case about planning at a sheet metal company
  • Impact of working/not working on digitization on your supplier assessment
  • How to get started with SCSN in the technical sense
  • The importance of an experienced expert in the digital factory
  • The ideal software solution needed by the entire manufacturing industry
  • Dave’s wise words of advice for the metal industry


Webbing Solutions / ChainLink


SCSN open standard:


SCSN Semantic Treehouse


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