[Metaal Connect #7] The diabolical dilemma of digitizing with Ruurd Portman

This week at Metal Connect, the fantastic Ruurd Portman ( PIT Digital Transformations ) was a guest to talk with me about the opportunities, pitfalls and necessity of effective digitization.

If you want to learn about how a specialist helps practitioners improve processes, tips for better projects and an overview of new techniques, listen in!



  • The better definition of digitizing
  • When a digital transformation is successful
  • Why a digital patchwork is a recipe for trouble
  • The three-step plan for effective digitization with targeted actions
  • Devilish dilemmas in the manufacturing industry
  • The risk of internal digital transformation teams
  • ERP: The lame sheep in wolf’s clothing
  • RPA: is it a real solution?
  • Web portals versus RPA and email
  • Low code platforms: no code, no glory
  • Why digitization is core business


Canvas Effectively Digitizing




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