Metal Connect #21: Automation at Metal Companies with Menne Engelfriet and TUWI Next

This week I had a fascinating conversation with Menne Engelfriet of TUWI during Metal Connect. We discussed his career and TUWI’s upcoming knowledge event: TUWI Next, focused on the metal industry on June 14 in Winterswijk.

By the way, I am also a speaker there and you can still sign up!


00:10 – Introducing Menno
01:04 – How Menno became a sales specialist
02:00 – What does TUWI do for the metal industry?
02:52 – What are the trends of the metalworking industry?
04:36 – What are the main changes metal companies are experiencing?
05:59 – How TUWI tackles customer advice.
06:57 – Typical things companies need to know when buying machines
08:33 – TUWI Next: the knowledge event for the metal industry.
09:37 – TUWI Next: you can still sign up.
10:32 – TUWI Next: customer experiences and learning moments
11:55 – How do you stay motivated as a salesperson in the metal industry?
13:42 – Why the metal industry is so important for a sustainable future.
15:23 – Where do you start with automation?

If you are currently in the process of determining your next step in the metals industry, this episode is well worth listening to. You will get insights, tips and advice from Menne Engelfriet, an experienced sales specialist within this industry.

Learn more about TUWI Next:

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