Metal Connect #20: From Old Bazaar to Digital Factory with Harry Seijkens

In this episode of Metal Connect, I spoke with Harry Seijkens, an experienced business leader and the driving force behind the transformation of a classic steel construction company into a modern metal company.

We talk about the challenges in the steel construction industry and how digitization is changing the future of the plant. Harry shares his insights and experiences on working lean, ERP implementation and avoiding pitfalls when transforming a business.

We also talk about sustainability and the importance of talent retention.

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  • The challenges of a sawtooth production process (hollowing and standing still)
  • Working lean, addressing strategic cost drivers and deploying ERP software
  • The process of selecting an ERP vendor and avoiding implementation pitfalls
  • Sustainability and circular industry
  • Mindset for success, team building and talent retention

Interesting Quotes:

  1. “Digital transformation is not just about technology, it’s also about a culture change.” – Harry Seijkens
  2. “You have to involve people in the process of change, then you create support.” – Harry Seijkens
  3. “By implementing ERP software, we now have a clear understanding of our business processes and can make quick adjustments where necessary.” – Harry Seijkens
  4. “Sustainability is about more than just using green energy, it’s also about reducing waste and reusing materials.” – Harry Seijkens


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