[Metaal Connect #17] Quality management software (QMS) and Industry 4.0 – with Hans Derks

This week at Metal Connect, I had a conversation with Hans Derks (Sales Director Europe at HighQA) to talk about how you can automate and optimize your production quality management process with QMS and Industry 4.0.

We took a closer look at what makes a good integrated product quality management solution and what culture is needed to create better quality. Model Based Definition (MBD) was also discussed.

If your current challenge is to deliver products within tolerances, meet all applicable standards and be made in less time and with fewer errors, listen to this episode when you have a moment!



  • Hans Derks’ career to Sales Director
  • What is Quality Management Software (QMS)
  • The unique features of High QA software
  • What is “Auto-Ballooning” software and OCR?
  • The importance of Statistical Process Control (SPC).
  • The definition of Industry 4.0 from a quality perspective
  • How do you come up with a good integrated solution?
  • From 2D to 3D model and Model-Based Definition (MBD).
  • The cultural shift required for the transition to 3D
  • How can we make the engineering profession more interesting?
  • The importance of a good work intake
  • Hans’ advice for tech entrepreneurs
  • Learn more about High QA Software


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