[Metaal Connect #14] Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) with Jan de Ridder

This week at Metal Connect, I had a conversation with Jan de Ridder (The Lead Time Specialist) to talk about Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) and Lean. We delved into LEAN vs QRM Productivity Improvement and Organizational Science.

If your current challenge is lead times and delivery reliability, listen to this episode when you have some time. This time the delivery was a bit longer than usual (time flies when you have passion for the subject) and we talk about real-life examples from the metalworking industry.



  • How Jan came into contact with QRM
  • What is Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM)
  • The difference between QRM and LEAN
  • The organizational challenges of modern companies
  • Defining QRM strategy
  • Digitization and QRM: hand-in-hand approach.
  • ..and much more !!!


A comprehensive collection with QRM explanations:

A complete QRM and LEAN book list:

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