[Metaal Connect #13] The 7 Steps Toward a Smart Autonomous Factory (webinar)

This week at Metal Connect, I had a moment myself to share a story about the pitfalls of an autonomous factory. This is a publication of a video I uploaded earlier.

This episode explains lean manufacturing, quick response manufacturing and digitization. If your current challenge is a digitization plan, listen to this episode.



Interesting quotes

  • “Garbage in = garbage out” -LVE
  • “A metal company that does not follow the rules of lean manufacturing does not have a good basis for applying digitization. “-LVE
  • “You don’t get paid for machine uptime, you get paid for the products you ship.”-LVE
  • “Without a stable (and enforced) process, most Industrie 4.0 initiatives will fail completely.” -LVE


The 7 Steps Toward a Smart Autonomous Metalworking Plant: https://www.sheetmetalconnect.com/de-7-stappen-naar-een-slimme-autonome-metaalfabriek/

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