[Metaal Connect #11] IoT & 10x Ready for Industry 4.0 with Jelle Koning

This week I had an informative conversation with enthusiastic, driven entrepreneur Jelle Koning of Produmize – Smart Industry for SMEs and the Kleynenborg Institute. We talked about his vision and approach to realizing smart industry among metalworking companies, including sheet metal workers.

Among other things, Jelle is co-founder of Trimergo, and therefore very experienced in the ERP software market and the challenges of manufacturing companies. Today, his focus is on his new company, Produmize, which provides Smart Industry solutions to SMEs. Listen to this episode for a no-nonsense explanation of digitization.



  • Jelle’s experiences as co-founder and owner of an ERP software company
  • Moving to a consulting firm and eventually Produmize
  • How the idea came about.
  • What is IoT and why is it so important?
  • Machine data, what do you get out of it specifically?
  • Insights from participants in the “10x Ready for Industry 4.0” program
  • The recipe for a smart factory mix
  • Call for machine builders for better data exchange
  • Scholarships and contacts of Jelle


Webinar at ECI on the“10x Ready for Industry 4.0” program.

Machine data, what do you get out of it specifically? With real-life examples (sheet metal worker, welding company, machine builder), Jelle and Jeroen made it clear that there is a lot to be gained at relatively low investment. Efficiency improvements are achievable for many.






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