Make this year your data year

Do you recognize this?

You want to take steps this year to increase sales, improve delivery and reduce production downtime while optimizing profits.

Then you bring the team together in a conference room to draw up a plan and ask, “How are we going to do it?” You find, however, that no one can tell you exactly where to optimize.

It is suggested that the causes are the customer’s outdated working methods, machinery malfunction, unreliable suppliers and the competence of the people on the shop floor.

If employees are interviewed they will immediately “wipe their alley” out of habit, so as not to be identified as the cause, even though we do not yet know exactly what the problem is.

The problem:

No one knows exactly what to do because no decisions are made based on data. A central source of truth is missing.

Do you know exactly how much profit you make per order? How reliable are your suppliers and what does this mean for delivery times? Can you point out where quality problems arise? Where does order linger too long? Are there any patterns in this?

Instead of focused actions come agreements such as “we’re going to distribute the work better,” “we’re going to update our schedule more often,” “we’re going to respond to quotes faster,” and “we’re going to provide 5S training for the employees on the floor,” etc.

This all costs time and money, but whether it will be useful is anyone’s guess.

The point is: Without data-driven decisions, it is impossible to improve effectively.

The solution?

Make this year your date year. Analyze, integrate and optimize based on clear information rather than relying on gut feeling.

This begins with determining the key indicators that indicate success. You link data from all software systems into one dashboard, and then map the “elephant paths” and distractions to focus on improvement.

This year I am launching a new program that will allow you to track the five most important indicators of your business for any brand of software in a clear dashboard within three months. Want to know more about it? Schedule a free initial consultation.

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