Latest high-tech developments in sheet metal

Yesterday, I was at the EuroBlech in Hanover, where I spoke with the top people from the leading sheet metal companies, attended lectures and viewed the booths.

(By the way, due to some new projects and travel commitments, I had less time for writing and podcasting. Next week I expect to pick up where I left off).

So, what where we stand on the latest Industry 4.0 developments?

I think this photo sums it up best:

(Sticker on a bending machine; New: Industry 4.0!)

When you ask what this means, the representatives explain that they have a new module. You can do it yourself then!

“Look, the machine is ready … buy this module and you are a smart factory!

It’s a bit like trying to put together a do-it-yourself kit, but without a manual.

What I mean by this is that there was a lot of promotion, but little focus on how to get started with data lakes, machine learning, data broker, supply chain integration, etc. platforms. Something we are already a lot further along in the Netherlands.

The only companies that did come out with products with this technology were Bystornic (BySoft Insight) and TRUMPF (Oseon Analytics), but unfortunately this is only available for their own products and brands.

Still, I was surprised at the innovations of these players, especially the new capabilities of both sides. I found TRUMPF very strong because of its overall solution. Version 2.0 of Oseon will have some really cool new features that many other software makers are looking forward to.

Bystronic, on the other hand, has created a robust ERP solution that runs entirely in the cloud. Handsome piece of work.

Compliments can also be made about the direction in which the market is moving: automation and digitization do receive increasing attention, and all the well-known names are beginning to modernize their offerings more and more.

So, what are the latest high-tech developments?

  • Machines are getting more and more power (>30kw!)
  • Machines are increasingly coming with open standards
  • Logistics integrated via AGVs
  • Software goes into the cloud (better scalability)

My question to you: Were you at the EuroBlech? What appealed to you the most?

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