Industry 3.0 or Industry 4.0? Does that matter?

Industry is facing an industrial revolution: new opportunities that have rapidly transformed the manufacturing industry.

Industry 3.0 is about computers.

Computers are used in machines, in the office and instead of paper we have switched to computers. CAM and ERP are also characteristic of this period. Remember: robots, PLCs and CNC code are typical of the 1970s-2010s.

Industry 4.0 is about real-time, connected and self-optimizing systems.

This is about cloud technology, connected chains and especially data.

We can now make the machines smart by connecting them to the network, which then links to the enterprise software, which in turn links to the chain and does analytics, predictions and adapts automatically.

Without digitization and connectivity, you can’t take advantage of all the new opportunities of Industry 4.0.

If your business is still a paper tiger, you will first have to eliminate it by digitizing processes. This creates an understanding of what is really happening, after which you can explore why things happen.

(Source: Automation technology as a key component of the Industry 4.0 production development path)

The point is:

When we talk about the difference, we are talking about the difference in maturity between digital systems. The more mature the system, the higher the value it will bring to the company.

To become more competitive, you must first lay a good foundation. The basis for this foundation are logical and digital processes, databases with complete information and the ability to access this data.

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