Having a better conversation at the trade show

The vacation season is almost over, so time to put your good intentions into action.

And what do we usually do?

We go to trade shows to inquire about new opportunities!

Good news: You can choose from Techni-Show, Esef, EuroBlech and many other local events (MIX, mikrocenter, etc.), in short: something for everyone.

The typical trade show visit

You plan a day off, take a colleague with you.

You then speak to dozens of vendors at booths, listen to some vendor talks or workshops, and sometimes you run into another competitor. Cozy!

The conversation with the salesperson usually goes something like this:

Our product is this, it works like this, these are the characteristics, and that’s why we are the best.

After a nice snack and a beer, you come home with a nice bag and a thick folder with all kinds of flyers and 20 business cards that you never touch again. And you probably still have 10,000 steps on your counter! What a great day, right?

Yes, it was fun! But what should we buy now?

That’s another tough question…

Start with problems

The trick is to turn it around. You prefer conversations that are about:

  • What problem the product solves
  • What are the benefits of solving this problem
  • Why hasn’t this been solved by others before,
  • And by the way, what technology is in it?

(Hint to salespeople: hint, hint, you can also ask your prospect these questions 🙂 )

PS I will be attending the Techni-Show + Esef on August 31. Who else is going? 🙂

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