Goodbye Fixed Prices: A Look to the Future?

In the past, everything seemed simpler. You asked for a quote and the price was fixed. When steel prices, energy costs and inflation were stable, this system worked fine. But times are changing! How do we navigate the challenges of constantly fluctuating prices?

Fixed price agreements and tiered pricing under the microscope

Imagine this: a fixed price agreement. What does that actually mean? Under what circumstances? And tiered pricing – what’s the basis of that? Based on nesting efficiency? But how do you determine that with a multitude of orders from different customers?

The reality: costs vary considerably. Shouldn’t prices move with it?

With automation that can set prices automatically, why put a price tag on an item at all?

New vision: each part as a new article

Driven by the rise of high-mix — low-volume production and portals that process STEP files, a new vision is emerging: treat each part as a new item. That means no fixed prices or item numbers!

No fixed item number? What does that mean for work preparation? Imagine automating everything so that the outcome is always consistent. Isn’t management redundant then?

The point is:

The point is not to simply dismiss item and price management. Sometimes it still works, and sometimes it is mandatory. But the question is whether you are cutting yourself in on it and saddling yourself with unnecessary costs and management.

Dare to dream of optimized work preparation, where input is no longer necessary and each request can be unique.

Review your traditional pricing strategies in this era of technological advances and changing market conditions. Embrace automation and flexibility to make your business more efficient and future-proof, no matter what the future holds.

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