Entrepreneur, Manager and Techie

In The E-Myth Revisited (The Entrepreneurial Myth) by Michael Gerber, he discusses 3 personalities needed to run a business:

The Entrepreneur – “defines the company and focuses on closing the gap between where the company is now and where it wants to be in the future.”

The Manager – “focuses on achieving results through people and systems and focuses on the now and the future.”

The technician – “lives in the now and is focused on the work to make it, sell it and deliver it.”

As a small company, the director consists of all three personalities: the technician, the manager and the leader. Where the main emphasis is on the technician. But as the company grows, the roles change.

After all, you run into limits:

The Technician’s limit – “determined by how much he can do himself.”

Manager’s limit – “determined by how many technicians he can effectively supervise or how many colleagues he can organize into a productive effort”

The Limit of the Entrepreneur – “determined by how many managers he can involve in the pursuit of his vision”

As an entrepreneur, you want to address the needs of a niche of customers in an innovative way, especially compared to others in the market.

But that does not mean that a successful entrepreneur is no longer technical.

The point is:

Unlike the technician who focuses on the product or work, the entrepreneur sees the business as a product in itself, which requires technical understanding.

However, you continuously ensure that managers/teams can make your vision a success.

Go for a system-dependent business, not a human-dependent business. Where people work with a system, and that system works without the owner being there.

Warm regards,

– Luke

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