The bucket and the colander 🪣 💦

One of my employers, the director of a metalworking company, once told me the most important analogy: a healthy company should be a bucket, not a colander.

Farm sense also knows: when it rains, you have to catch the rain for the days when it is dry. The same goes for order getting from a customer: there is potential profit in that.

But only if you can save it.

A good company is efficient if it brings in as much of this money as possible. But in practice, most companies are a bucket with many holes: a colander.

When is your company a colander?

  • Mistakes are often made that could have been avoided
  • Employees are always retyping and making the printouts
  • Quotations are issued far too late and thus have already been given to competitors.
  • Orders are produced late, resulting in urgent transportation costs or worse: penalty clauses.
  • You forget to bill things because they are not reported in the office (or worse: no digital after-calculation capabilities at all)
  • You sometimes forget that still gets money from customers and third parties, such as a scrap dealer.
  • You buy software without doing proper preliminary research, and then never use it again.

These are all examples of how your company is like a colander. No matter how hard it rains, it pours out just as hard.

The point is:

Turn your colander into a bucket. Catch what you can. Use modern process improvement methods and technology to maximize productivity and profits. That way you’ll be ready for the dry days and have a thriving business. 🌻

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