Consulting firm vs. Manufacturing industry

Large consulting firms usually miss the mark completely in SMEs.

Most entry into these companies comes from university or theoretical college backgrounds such as business administration and economics.

Of course, fundamental knowledge is needed and theory is valuable, but a digital factory simply requires rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. A kind of modern craft. Working with craftsmanship. But then digitally.

Customer-ordered manufacturing companies in expect a pragmatic, hands-on approach, want to make strides and demand to see results quickly.

You can’t get away with a 100-page report; they’d rather see a one-movie report that fully automates their order. And then they buy that solution.

What you need is work experience, practical experience and an understanding of the profession, followed by knowledge of IT and last come the business models.

Metalworking is craftsmanship – but you have to do it digitally.

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