Business Instrument Rated

Have you ever wondered how a plane can land in dense fog?

The pilot can rely on his or her instruments.

To do this, the pilot must have a certificate of Instrument Rating.

This is a type of rating that trains a pilot to fly using only the aircraft’s instruments, not limiting the pilot to flying only in good weather conditions.

By reading the indicators, he knows exactly what the next steps are and how to safely reach the final vote, even if he can’t see anything outside through his window.

We can also apply this idea in our own business.

If you don’t want to have to constantly walk down the hall, ask questions of colleagues, need countless meetings or manually go down all kinds of lists to make sure nothing is going off course, you need a dashboard.

Specifically, what you need is a vital statistics dashboard, with a selection of the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at a glance, giving you an overall view of the entire company.

Vervoglens must be agreed what the indicators mean and how to respond to them. After all, inidcators are as valuable as being worked with and adequately hung on.

You can trust the indicators on that dashboard and act accordingly; what you see on the dashboard is what is actually happening. Even if there are discrepancies, warnings and concerns.

In my next email, I’ll give you a concise roadmap on how to go about this and what the best practices are. Note: These are not monthly Excel sheets!

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