A customer-centric design approach to digitization

One of the most important things a business owner can do is make sure the ordering process is efficient and user-friendly.

If you think about how customers design, request quotes and place orders, you’ll soon find that this process is often time-consuming and a lot of manual work. This costs your client time and money.

On the other hand, you yourself want to sell more as easily as possible. But that’s really only possible if you also have efficient order entry. You can’t always enforce a way of working, for example, having an Excel list to fill out or running everything through a portal. Sometimes this does not fit the question.

Successful companies have learned to design software solutions based on how their best customers work, rather than focusing solely on efficiency internally. If the process is easy for them, it saves a tremendous amount of time and resources and they will want to order more.

The point is

To remain competitive, it is important to identify a customer’s needs and develop an action plan to meet them. What products they want, how they are designed, what data they have in doing so, and what information they need before they can place an order.

A customer-oriented design approach saves both parties a lot of workload and improves long-term cooperation. Therefore, look first at the customer and the end product before considering a new software.

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