A-B-Z Framework for projects

Many companies are often stuck in planning mode, leading to a phenomenon known as “Analysis Paralysis,” in which no action is taken.

What is your long-term goal?
Building a successful business for your grandchildren? Sell it in 10 years? Become the greatest in your field? Or remain a local specialist?

Having your own position filled by a colleague so you have more time for hobbies? Or arrange your day so that you can tinker with your business undisturbed?

What is your short-term goal?
Revenue growth of 30% year over year? Delivery reliability top 5 customers to 95%? Delivery time of sheet metal parts to maximum 2 days? Doubling the number of quotes issued? Double revenue from top 10 customers?

Having a long-term goal for yourself is good. But it can be overwhelming when you start thinking about how to get there.

Too many steps to figure out, and too many unknowns….

With the A-B-Z Framework, you don’t need to know all the steps to achieve your goal.

All you need to know today is your A-B-Z:

  • Where do you stand now (A)?
  • What is the first goal (Z)?
  • What is the next step (B)?

That’s it.

Step C, D or E you don’t need to know in the beginning. If you focus on that, you will procrastinate instead of taking action.

Estimate where you are (A), determine your direction (Z), and decide on your immediate next step (B). Then take that action immediately, preferably today.

You will discover the rest along the way.

Did you find this article helpful? You can read a little more about the A-B-Z Framework here and about Analysis Paralysis here .

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