Off-the-shelve integrations

All integrations come with unlimited support and updates. Uptime guaranteed within 48 hours.

QuotationFactory and TruTops Fab

  • Import sales orders, production orders, and parts from QF to Fab.
  • Update your status in your portal based on progress in Fab.
  • Automatically bind CNC codes to parts, for bending and tube-cutting
  • Full support for TruTops Fab workplans and routings

Price: €3.500/year + one-time set-up: €2.000 | Live in 1 week

QuotationFactory and TruTops Boost

  • Import parts into TruTops Boost
  • Simulate bending solutions with TecZone Bend
  • Upload results to portal (with or without PDF set-up plan).

Price: €2.000/year + one-time set-up: €2.000 | Live 1 in week

ECI Ridder iQ and TruTops Fab

Update records in Ridder iQ to match with Fab unique GUID’s

Price: €500 | Live in 1 week


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