Gain access to a decade of sheet metalworking automation experience

Industry 4.0 Project Management

Do you want to digitize your factory but can’t do it alone? Would you like to work with an expert to handle the project management for you? I can make sure the project stays on track with the industry 4.0 guidelines and help you achieve your goals fast. This includes communicating with vendors, team members, and user acceptance testing. Minimum of 3 months. Custom-scoped projects and pricing plans are available.

Price €6.000/mo

Industry 4.0 Workshop 

Are you convinced that Industry 4.0 is the future, but you’re not sure how to best leverage it? Would you like to get started with new technologies like the cloud, web portals, and machine learning, but don’t know where to start? Generate, prioritise, and define novel and actionable smart factory initiatives in this two-day innovation workshop. Held at your factory. The price is 100% inclusive of lodging, travel, and other expenses.

Price: €5.000

Industry 4.0 Advisory Retainer

Get ongoing access to the strategic and tactical industry 4.0 expertise you need, when you need it. Designed specifically for factory owners facing a significant technology transition, my advisory retainer entitles you to unlimited 24/7 access to me via phone, email, and Teams-chat. Monthly, quarterly, and annual plans are available.

Price: €4.000/mo

Software Integrations by SMC

I can help you integrate data from most common software systems in the sheet metal industry over API and/or XML-interfaces. This includes unlimited support, updates, and real-time monitoring for a simple yearly subscription. Custom projects available per request.


  • Quotation Factory & TruTops Fab

  • Quotation Factory & TruTops Boost

  • Ridder iQ & Azumuta

Price per integration: €2.500/year + €1.500 set-up

One-off Industry 4.0 review

Would you like to know what kind of software systems are available in the market that would work best for you? Would you like to have offers independently reviewed? Find out exactly where you stand now and what you need for your factory during this one-off video-call. Plus, my research and results will be sent to you over email afterwards.

Price: €1.950


5+ years of experience,
with 10+ clients from the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria:

Emilia Clarke
Singeling Constructie-Lastechniek
Laurens Singeling (CEO)
“He's first class! Luke has been a reliable partner to our digital factory for years and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. The introduction of QRM and digitization has doubled our delivery reliability. "
Emilia Clarke
SAG Alutech
Willem Hoek (Manager)
"Luke's knowledge of digitization helps us to make decisions for our smart factory. His experience with automation in sheet metalworking, as well as in IT, was decisive for our cooperation."

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