Smart Industry EN
    1. Create custom small batches of products for the cost of mass production
    2. Clarity and confidence that you are using the right software
    3. Get real-time insight into the entire production process
    4. Reduce mistakes made in the office
    5. Produce smarter and more efficiently
    6. Digital registration of operator and machine times
    7. Better process knowledge and more teamwork
    8. Give your professionals in the workplace better digital instructions
    9. Turn your knowledge into valuable automation
    10. Respond quicker to RFQ’s
    11. Get more accurate calculations and pricing
    12. Connect with order platforms
    13. Improve your customer support
    14. Better alignment between sales and production
    15. Make urgent orders possible at competitive prices
    1. Have a clear overview where your products are at any time
    2. Get real time insight in bottlenecks
    3. Optimized work in progress and lead times
    4. Get an optimal internal logistic system
    5. Achieve very high delivery reliability